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Product Recalls

Market Basket takes food safety very seriously. When we are notified of a product recall, all store and distribution centers follow proper protocols to ensure that the affected products are not on our shelves. We will constantly update this page to keep our customers informed.

Additional information on recalled products is available through

ProductReason of RecallDate
VIENNA BEEF SKINLESS BEEF FRANKFURTERDue to possible foreign matter contamination5/24/19
AURORA BEEF PRODUCTSDue to contamination of E. Coli5/23/19
SUJA KOMBUCHA 15.2 OZ. GLASS BOTTLEDue to potential presence of foreign material in some bottle5/22/19
PURELY ELIZABETH GRAIN-FREE GRANOLA 8 OZ.Due to possible contamination with foreign matter5/16/19
TYSON FROZEN CHICKENDue to foreign matter contamination5/4/19
THERMACARE BACK WRAP 2CTDue to potential of product becoming hotter than intended4/27/19
BEN & JERRY's CHUNKY MONKEY ICE CREAM 16 OZ.Due to possible presence of undeclared tree nuts4/16/19
MONDELEZ GLOBAL CHEWY CHIPS AHOY 13 OZ.Due to unexpected solidified ingredient4/15/19
HUNT'S TOMATO PASTE NO SALT ADDED 6 OZ.Due to potential presence of mold4/5/19
WOODSTOCK ORGANIC FROZEN MIXED MUSHROOMS 10 OZ.Due to possible presence of foreign materials4/3/19
CALIFORNIA AVOCADOSDue to possible listeria contamination3/25/19
TYSON FOODS FULLY COOKED CHICKEN STRIPSDue to potential presence of foreign materials3/22/19
MICRO RICE & CHIC 7.25 OZDue to possible presence of undeclared allergens3/21/19
BUTTERBALL GROUND TURKEYDue to possible salmonella contamination3/14/19
PILLSBURY UNBLEACHED ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 5 LB.Due to possible salmonella contamination3/12/19
UTZ BACHMAN TWIST PRETZEL 10 OZ.Due to undeclared milk2/26/19
BOSTON MARKET BONELESS PORK RIBDue to the possible presence of foreign matter (hard plastic or glass)2/25/19
CONCORD FRESH SUCCESS MILD SALSA SEASONING MIX 1.06 OZ.Due to the presence of undeclared milk allergen2/16/19
ENVIROKIDS GORILLA MUNCH 10 OZ.Due to the possible presence of undeclared gluten2/16/19
STACY'S SIMPLY NAKED PITA CHIPS 7.3 OZVoluntary Recall2/5/19
PERDUE FUN SHAPE NUGGETSDue to undeclared allergen (milk)1/28/19
RIO DUERO BRAND PEACHES & NECTARINESDue to possible listeria contamination1/25/19
GOLD MEDAL UNBLEACHED ALL PURPOSE FLOUR 5 LBDue to potential presence of salmonella1/23/19
RX BAR CHOCOLATE SEA SALT/COCONUT CACAO 1.83 OZDue to potential trace amounts of undeclared peanuts12/20/18
JIMMY DEAN HEAT'N SERVE ORIGINAL SAUSAGE LINKSDue to potential presence of metal12/11/18
DANNON LIGHT & FIT CRUNCH S'MORESDue to Incorrect packaging containing undeclared nuts12/6/18
THERMACARE HEATWRAP MENSTRUAL 3 CTDue to potential leakage of ingredients11/26/18
QUAKER OATS CAP'N CRUNCH PB CRUNCH CEREALDue to potential presence of salmonella11/17/18
PICTSWEET ASPARAGUS SPEARS 10/8 OZDue to possible listeria contamination11/12/18
SELECT DUNCAN HINES CAKE MIXDue to possible salmonella contamination11/6/18
*While every attempt is made through various regulatory vendors and agencies to display the most current information, this list may not be inclusive of all products recalled