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Product Recalls

Market Basket takes food safety very seriously. When we are notified of a product recall, all store and distribution centers follow proper protocols to ensure that the affected products are not on our shelves. We will constantly update this page to keep our customers informed.


Additional information on recalled products is available through

Recall ItemReason of Notice 
HMC FARMS WHOLE PEACHES, PUMS, NECTARINES (NON-ORGANIC)Informational, due to potential contamination with Listeria Monocytogenes11/22/23
VERMONT VILLAGE ORGANIC UNSWEETENED APPLESAUCE JAR 24 OZ.Voluntary, due to the possibility of product containing elevated levels of patulin11/21/23
FRANKFORD CANDY KRAFT ASSORTED CANE TUBE, INCLUDING GUMMY CANDYInformational, out of abundance of caution, due to product not meeting the quality of their standards 11/9/23
TYSON FOODS FULLY COOKED FUN NUGGETS BREADED SHAPED CHICKEN PATTIESInformational, due to the possibility of containing foreign material.11/6/23
NATURE'S PATH ORGANIC PUMPKIN SPICE & ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE CHIP WAFFLES USA 7 OZ.Voluntary, due to the possibility of containing undeclared peanut.10/21/23
SNAPPLE 6 PACK & 12 PACKVoluntary, due to product(s) not upholding to company standards.10/13/23
EAGLE PRODUCE CANTALOUPESInformational, due to possible Listeria contamination10/2/23
SIMILASAN EYE DROPSDue to concerns from the FDA, one of the preservatives used in the manufacturing9/29/23
MARKET BASKET 32 OZ. BEEF STOCK & ORGANIC CHICKEN BROTH 32 OZ.Due to potential microbial contamination9/21/23
KRAFT SINGLES AMERICAN PROCESSED CHEESE SLICESDue to a temporary issue developed on one of the wrapping machines9/20/23
THE GOOD CRISP COMPANY SEA SALT & VINEGAR CANISTER CHIPS 5.6 OZ.Due to product having an off flavor that does not meet the company's high standard.9/9/23
THE BANQUET CLASSIC CHICKEN STRIPS 12/8.9 OZ.Due to possible foreign matter contamination9/5/23
NESTLE TOLL HOUSE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH BREAK & BAKE BARVoluntary, due to potential presence of wood fragments8/14/23
KOZY SHACK RICE PUDDINGInformational, due to product not meeting quality standards8/14/23
FORMAGGIO MARINATED MOZZARELLA CUPS 12 OZ.Precautionary, due to a possible foreign matter/object in product8/9/23
ZESPRI ORGANIC GREEN KIWIInformational, due to possible listeria contamination8/9/23
FRITO-LAY DORITOS NACHO CHEESE FLAVORED TORTILLA CHIPSVoluntary, due to the possibility of containing undeclared wheat and soy allergen7/18/23
VAN'S GLUTEN-FREE ORIGINAL WAFFLEDue to the potential presence of undeclared wheat allergens7/5/23
BELVITA BREAKFAST SANDWICH (3 VARIETIES)Voluntary, due to the possibility of containing undeclared peanut allergen7/4/23
WILLY'S INC. BLACK BEAN AND CORN SALSA 6/16 OZ.Voluntary, due to possible contamination with foreign materials (plastic pieces)6/30/23
FRITO LAY SELECT TOSTITO'S AVOCADO SALSA JAR DIPS 15 OZ.Voluntary, due to undeclared milk ingredients.6/17/23
TOPCARE EYE DROPSVoluntary, due to certain manufacturing deficiencies. Not a safety concern.6/15/23
ATKINS ENDULGE BARInformational, due to taste not meeting the satisfaction of brand.6/14/23
FLORIDA NATURAL GROWERS WHITE LEMONADEWithdrawal, Informational, due to orange juice being blended in, altering the taste and color5/22/23
MOTT'S NO SUGAR ADDED APPLESAUCE 3.9 OZ. CUPSVoluntary, out of abundance of caution due to patulin fungus, a natural contaminate in apple based products5/19/23
CHANG FARM NATURE'S WONDER BEAN SPROUTS OR SOYBEAN SPROUTSVoluntary, out of abundance of caution due to possible Listeria Contamination5/9/23
GOLD MEDAL UNBLEACHED 5LB/BLEACHED 2LB ALL PURPOSE FLOURVoluntary, due to potential presence of salmonella infantis4/28/23
FRESH EXPRESSED CHOPPED CAESAR KITSInformational, due to possible Listeria contamination4/7/23
ABBOTT NUTRITION ZONE PERFECT FUDGE GRAHAM 50G BARSVoluntary, due to potential presence of foreign material (hard plastic pieces)3/29/23
GREAT LAKES CHEESE (2 ITEMS)Informational, due to potential mislabeling allergen issue3/27/23
SECOND NATURE BRANDS REESE'S PIECES BROWNIE BRITTLEInformational, due to undeclared wheat in gluten-free variety3/27/23
UNCLE MATTS ORGANIC ORANGE CALCIUM VITAMIN D ZINCWithdrawal, Informational, due to product not meeting quality standards of the company3/24/23
IMPOSSIBLE CHICKEN NUGGETS 13.5 OZ.Voluntary, due to possibility of containing small pieces of wood3/18/23
CLIO SNACKS STRAWBERRY & GREEK YOGURT PARFAIT BARSInformational, due to potential contamination with listeria monocytogenes3/15/23
SC JOHNSON DRANO ITEMSInformational, due to potential leakage or minor product residue on outside of bottle3/8/23
ORGANIC VALLEY COTTAGE CHEESEInformational, due to the product not meeting quality standards (premature spoilage)3/6/23
RUSSEL STOVER SUGAR FREE PEANUT BUTTER CUPSInformational, due to potential of containing pecan delights3/2/23
RAW OYSTERS FROM BAYNES SOUND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADAInformational, due to potential of norovirus contamination2/23/23
RAO'S HOMEMADE BRAND ROASTED RED PEPPERS WITH PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMSInformational, due to undeclared tree nuts (pine nuts) in product2/23/23
PEPSI CO. STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO VANILLA DRINKS 13.7OZ. GLASS BTL (SELECT LOTS ONLY)Informational, due to the potential presence of foreign object (glass) in bottles2/22/23
CATALINA CEREALS (LIMITED)Voluntary, due to the potential contamination with metal2/17/23
NATURE'S PATH FOODS ENVIROKIDS ORGANIC KOALA CRISP CEREALWithdrawal, Informational, due to the product not meeting their taste standards2/10/23
COLGATE PALMOLIVE FABULOSO PRODUCTS (LIMITED)Informational, due to risk of bacteria growth2/8/23
B&G FOODS BACK TO NATURE FUDGE MINT COOKIE (ONE SPECIFIC DATE)Voluntary, due to an ingredient supplied by a third party was contaminated with peanut, undeclared allergen2/3/23
CONAGRA BRANDS CANNED MEATS AND POULTRY PRODUCTSInformational, due to packaging defect that may cause products to become contaminated2/1/23
DANIELLE INTERNATIONAL READY TO EAT SAUSAGE PRODUCTSInformational, due to possible Listeria Contamination1/30/23
RAO'S MADE FOR SLOW-SIMMERED SOUP (SELECT)Voluntary, due to potential product mixup, which contains egg, undeclared on the label1/27/23
SKINNY DIPPED DARK CHOCOLATE COCOA  ALMONDSVoluntary, due to an undeclared peanut allergen in an ingredient (limited quantity)1/23/23
*While every attempt is made through various regulatory vendors and agencies to display the most current information, this list may not be inclusive of all products recalled