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Product Recalls

Market Basket takes food safety very seriously. When we are notified of a product recall, all store and distribution centers follow proper protocols to ensure that the affected products are not on our shelves. We will constantly update this page to keep our customers informed.

Additional information on recalled products is available through


ROMAINE LETTUCE: The CDC and FDA have narrowed their warning on Romaine Lettuce to Northern and Central California areas. As safe Romaine based products become available, they will be restocked and will not be from the affected areas.

ProductReason of RecallDate
JIMMY DEAN HEAT'N SERVE ORIGINAL SAUSAGE LINKSDue to potential presence of metal12/11/18
DANNON LIGHT & FIT CRUNCH S'MORESDue to Incorrect packaging containing undeclared nuts12/6/18
THERMACARE HEATWRAP MENSTRUAL 3 CTDue to potential leakage of ingredients11/26/18
QUAKER OATS CAP'N CRUNCH PB CRUNCH CEREALDue to potential presence of salmonella11/17/18
PICTSWEET ASPARAGUS SPEARS 10/8 OZDue to possible listeria contamination11/12/18
SELECT DUNCAN HINES CAKE MIXDue to possible salmonella contamination11/6/18
CEDAR'S CHICKPEA SALADDue to undeclared edamame (soy)10/18/18
MCCAIN ONIONS/PEPPERSDue to potential contamination with listeria monocytogenes and salmonela10/16/18
JBS TOLLESON, INC RAW BEEF PRODUCTSDue to possible salmonella newport contamination10/5/18
THERMACARE HEATWRAP MENSTRUAL 3 CTDue to potential leakage of ingredients contained in heat wrap10/3/18
LAMEXICANA SALSA AND GUACAMOLEDue to potential contamination at mfg facility10/1/18
PREVACID CAPSULES (SELECT ITEMS)Due to possible out of specification results10/1/18
HODGSON MILLS GLUTEN FREE COOKIE MIXDue to incorrect ingredient listing9/12/18
CALIFIA MOCHA COFFEE 48 OZ.Voluntary recall from the manufacturer8/25/18
CARGILL MEAT SOLUTION GROUND BEEFDue to the potential presence of E.Coli8/24/18
ALMOND BREEZE VANILLA 6/64 OZ.Due to possible cross-contamination with dairy products8/2/18
HUNGRY MAN DINNER (SELECT ITEM)Due to possible contamination in whey powder7/27/18
PEPPERIDGE FARM GOLDFISH (SELECT ITEMS)Due to the potential presence of salmonella7/24/18
ODWALLA ORIGINAL SUPERFOOD 15.2 OZDue to the potential presence of foreign matter7/21/18
NABISCO PRODUCTS (SELECT ITEMS)Due to the potential presence of salmonella7/21/18
GM CHEERIO PRO OAT HNY 14.1 OZDue to supplier issue with an ingredient7/17/18
UTZ CAROLINA BBQ CHIP 7.5 OZUndeclared soy allergen7/16/18
KELLOGG'S HONEY SMACKS CEREAL 15.3 OZPotential presence of salmonella6/15/2018
BABY ORA-GEL .33 OZPrecautionary recall5/29/2018
UTZ SELECT TORTILLA CHIPSPossible contamination with an undeclared dairy allergen5/3/2018
BOB'S RED MILL 10 GRAIN BREAD MIX 19 OZUndeclared wheat on backside label5/2/2018
TM LEMON DETOX 16 CT.Possible presence of salmonella4/17/2018
EXPLORATEUR TRIPLE CREME 6/8 OZPossible listeria contamination4/5/2018
JM SMUCKERS MILO'S KITCHEN BRAND DOG TREATSElevated Levels of beef thyroid hormone3/27/2018
DELIZZA BELGIAN CUSTARD CREAM MINI ECLAIRSPossible listeria contamination3/26/2018
KING ARTHUR COCONUT FLOUR 16OZPossible presence of salmonella3/23/2018
COLUMBUS DRY COPPA 3 OZVoluntary recall from the manufacturer3/12/2018
CHEWY LOUIE 7" BULLY STICKVoluntary recall from the manufacturer3/9/2018
EMERALD GLAZED WALNUTS 6.5 OZPotential presence of undeclared peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans2/22/2018
CHOBANI FLIP - KEY LIME CRUMBLED 4 PKUndeclared allergens1/18/2018
MICHELINA'S FETTUCCINE ALFREDOPotential presence of undeclared soy1/17/2018
HOOD ICE CREAM BAR/ORANGE BAR 12 PKPossible listeria contamination1/10/2018
MARKET BASKET ORANGE DREAM/ICE CREAM BARS 12 PKPossible listeria contamination1/10/2018
*While every attempt is made through various regulatory vendors and agencies to display the most current information, this list may not be inclusive of all products recalled