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Product Recalls

Market Basket takes food safety very seriously. When we are notified of a product recall, all store and distribution centers follow proper protocols to ensure that the affected products are not on our shelves. We will constantly update this page to keep our customers informed.


Additional information on recalled products is available through

PROSOURCE INC RED YELLOW WHITE ONIONS Salmonella Outbreak Market Basket did not receive any of the recalled products 10/21/21
GREENLEAF FOODS (FIELD ROAST) Possible refrigeration issue during transport from supplier 10/20/21
BUTTERBALL FARM TO FAMILY ALL NATURAL GROUND TURKEY 2.5LB & 3LB Informational, due to possible plastic contamination 10/14/21
FULLEI FRESH BEAN SPROUTS AND SOY SPROUTS Informational, due to possible listeria  contamination 10/13/21
SIMPLE MILLS FINE GROUND SEA SALT ALMOND FLOUR CRACKERS Recall, due to erroneous packing of wrong crackers (possible allergen: milk) 10/6/21
BAYER LOTRIMIN, TINACTIN SPRAY PRODUCTS Recall, due to low levels of residual solvent benzene detected in samples 10/1/21
COPPERTONE AEROSOL SUNSCREEN SPRAY Informational, due to the presence of Benzene 10/1/21
NESTLE DIGIORNO CRISPY PAN PEPPERONI PIZZA Recall, Due to potential mislabeling and undeclared soy, a known allergen 9/28/21
READY PAC FOODS INC. BONDUELLE BISTRO CHEF 6/7.75 OZ. Voluntary, Due to mislabeled ingredients on the label. (Resulting in undeclared Fish Allergen) 9/22/21
BOURSIN GARLIC AND HERB 12/5.2 OZ.  Informational, voluntary withdrawal due to unsatisfactory appearance of mold on limited batches 9/13/21
LITTLE DEBBIE MINI NUTTY BUDDY COOKIE BITES SANDWICH COOKIES 2.5 OZ. Informational, due to possible presence of undeclared pecans 9/13/21
FRATELLI BERETTA UNCURED ANTIPASTO TRAY 2X12 OZ. Voluntary Recall, due to reported salmonella concern 8/27/21
DELI & KITCHEN WILLOW TREE CHICKEN DIPS, SALADS, SANDWICHES Recall, due to potential contamination with foreign material, specifically hard white plastic 8/24/21
MILFORD VALLEY CHICKEN CORDON BLEU 10 OZ. Recall, due to the possibility of contamination with salmonella enteritidis 8/10/21
PANERA CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP 16 OZ. Informational, due to potential contamination with extraneous material 8/6/21
JM SMUCKER PUP-PERONI DOG TREATS (LIMITED FLAVORS & LOTS) Voluntary Withdrawal, out of abundance of caution, due to an incident involving mold 7/30/21
GREATER OMAHA PACKING RAW BEEF PRODUCTS Informational, due to possible E. Coli contamination 7/30/21
MCCORMICK ITALIAN SEASONING & PERFECT PINCH ITALIAN SEASONING Voluntary recall, due to possible contamination with Salmonella 7/27/21
GRIMMWAY FARMS PACKAGED CARROTS Voluntary recall, due to possible salmonella contamination 7/22/21
JOHNSON & JOHNSON SPECIFIC NEUTROGENA & AVEENO AEROSOL SUNSCREEN Voluntary recall, due to the presence of benzene 7/15/21
TYSON FROZEN COOKED CHICKEN Voluntary recall, due to possible exposure to Listeria Monocytogenes 7/5/21
AVANTI FROZEN COOKED, PEELED & DEVEINED SHRIMPS [VARIOUS BRANDS/SIZES] Informational, due to potential ink to a Salmonella outbreak. 6/26/21
DOLE FRESH BLUEBERRIES Informational, due to potential cyclospora contamination 6/26/21
NEWMAN'S OWN PIZZA (SELECT VARIETY) Voluntary recall, due to pepperoni oxidizing causing discoloration 6/24/21
BEECH-NUT SINGLE GRAIN RICE CEREAL Voluntary recall, due to select lots testing above the guidance level for naturally occurring inorganic arsenic


CLIO GREEK BARS (UPDATE) 1.76 OZ. Due to possible presence of metallic fragments 6/7/21
CLIO GREEK BARS 1.76 OZ Due to possible presence of metallic fragments 5/15/21
JOLLY TIME POPCORN SELECT HEALTHY POP KETTLE CORN Due to possible presence of undeclared milk ingredients 5/14/21
SARA LEE INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED 4 OZ PECAN PIE SLICES Due to unintentional cross contamination of raw pecans in shells with residual peanuts 5/12/21
FRITO-LAY RUFFLES ALL DRESSED POTATO CHIPS Due to undeclared milk ingredients 5/6/21
HERSHEY CHOCOLATE SHELL TOPPING Due to incorrect product filled in package 5/6/21
UDI CHOCOLATE/BLUEBERRY MUFFINS Due to potential presence of extraneous material (plastic) 5/6/21
GUAN'S MUSHROOM ENOKI 7.05 OZ Due to possible Listeria Contamination 4/22/21
VITAFUSION MELATONIN KIDS Due to possible presence of metallic mesh material 4/19/21
HOSTESS SNOWBALLS (SELECT ITEMS) Due to undeclared coconut allergen 4/13/21
PLAINVILLE FARMS GROUND WHITE TURKEY 93% LEAN 1 LB. Due to possible cause of salmonella hadar illness. 4/12/21
MEOW MIX ORIGINAL CHOICE DRY CAT FOOD 30 LB. Due to potential salmonella contamination. 4/12/21
ENLIGHTENED MARSHMALLOW PEANUT BUTTER KETO BARS Due to improperly produced product, off flavor 3/31/21
SABRA CLASSIC HUMMUS 10 OZ. Due to possible salmonella contamination 3/31/21
OLDE CAPE COD OYSTER CRACKERS 8 OZ. Due to potential presence of plastic conveyor pieces in the product 3/1/21
THINK TECHNOLOGIES THINK OATMEAL BERRY CRUMBLE Due to potential presence of undeclared tree nuts, including almonds and pecans 1/29/21
WORLD FINER FOODS REESE SAUCES (2 VARIETIES) Due to possibility of a compromised vacuum seal in packaging 1/28/21
FRITO LAY RUFFLES ORIGINAL PARTY SIZE Due to undeclared milk ingredients 1/23/21
LANCASTER FOODS CONVENTIONAL BUTTERNUT SQUASH ITEMS Due to possible listeria contamination 1/20/21
LAKE CHAMPLAIN CHOCOLATES Due to potential presence of foreign materials 1/18/21
HOT POCKET PEPPERONI 12 PK Due to potential presence of foreign materials 1/15/21
*While every attempt is made through various regulatory vendors and agencies to display the most current information, this list may not be inclusive of all products recalled