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Fun Food Activities for Kids

Fun Food Activities to Do with Kids

Ah, February vacation.

It seems like the kids were just home for winter break when suddenly February vacation sneaks up on you. They’ve probably already gotten bored with the presents they received a couple of months ago and you're still working hard on your New Year's Resolution budget plans. But with the threat of cabin fever looming, you may be looking for some activities to keep the kids busy – and maybe even trick them into doing something educational.

Fear not! We’ve outlined a few fun food activities to help keep the little ones entertained.

A paper plate filled with a milky kaleidoscope sits on a wooden counter with Market Basket dish soap and food coloring around it

Milky kaleidoscope

Who says science isn’t fun?! This simple experiment involves only five ingredients and will leave your children in awe. Get the instructions.


A set of hands plays with modeling sand

DIY modeling sand

DIY modeling sand has all of the characteristics of wet sand but without the mess. It brushes off your hands and clothes, sticking only to itself. Not only is it a fun, mess-free idea… it’s so easy! Get the instructions.


A rainbow made with Market Basket Frosted Fruit O's cereal sits atop a table surrounded by Elmer's school glue, a cereal box, safety scissors, and loose cereal pieces

Frosted Fruit O’s Rainbow

Especially good for the little ones, this activity is great for reviewing colors, sorting, and even math. You can also use it as an opportunity to introduce them to ROYGBIV early, although you won’t find indigo in the Frosted Fruit O’s box. Get the instructions.


An assortment of popsicle stick crafts

Popsicle stick creations

The options are endless when it comes to popsicle sticks. From snakes to apples, superheroes to butterflies, let your child’s imagination run wild with just a few supplies! Get the instructions. 


Cut fruit and vegetables lay around two white pieces of paper which have been covered with paint stampings. In the center of the photo there is a potato with the Market Basket logo cut into it.

Produce stamps

You may have a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies, but you won't have trouble getting them to play with them! Using vegetables and fruits to create stamps is a great way to get your kids to touch, smell, and maybe even taste some new healthy snacks they've never tried… before the paint, of course! Get the instructions.

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