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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the hours of operation?

 All Market Basket stores are open every day from 7:00am – 8:00pm.

Every day from 6:00 am - 7:00 am customers 60 and over are invited to shop during pre-opening hours.  We ask all to respect this accommodation for Senior shopping hours.  

How is Market Basket addressing safety concerns regarding COVID-19?

In addition to our disciplined food safety procedures, we have implemented and are providing information to associates regarding best practices about this matter, including: 

  • All carriages are sanitized multiple times a day.
  • Assisting with enhanced sanitation practices.
  • The importance of proper hand washing.
  • Only working when completely healthy.
  • Not shaking hands with other people. 
  • Implemented social distancing.
  • Face coverings are being supplied to all stores and distribution centers for associates, with safety instructions for wearing and removal. Market Basket is working swiftly to procure and replenish face covernings on an ongoing basis.

Does Market Basket require the use of facial coverings?

All Market Basket Associates and business partners are required to wear facial coverings while in all stores.

All Customers shopping in Market Basket stores are required to wear a facial covering for the wellness of our customers and associates.

Customers with a medical condition are exempt from this wellness policy.

How is Market Basket addressing concerns about social distancing?

  • The number of customers shopping at one time is limited, based on the size of the store, in order to ensure that customers have personal space, can maintain social distancing and feel more comfortable.
  • We ask all customers and associates to stay 6 feet apart from others when possible. Reminder: 6 feet is 6 floor tiles.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed at the registers in all locations.
  • All locations have implemented one-way aisles to enhance social distancing in our stores.

How is Market Basket ensuring the safety of associates?

Our associates’ well-being is always a priority for us. In addition to increasing our robust sanitation and hygiene protocols in stores, we are also following all recommended guidelines regarding associate wellness. 

Are you limiting the purchase of any products?

We have placed limits on a small amount of items that are in the highest demand such as hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. Please know that our Purchasing Team will continue to work diligently on any items that are affected.

Is Market Basket offering special shopping hours for Seniors?

Every day from 6:00am - 7:00am customers aged 60 and over are invited to shop during pre-opening hours.  We ask all to respect this accommodation for Senior shopping hours.   

What is Market Basket's current policy on returns?

Market Basket is currently accepting returns or exchanges for products purchased from June, 1, 2020 forward.

Will Market Basket allow reusable bags?

Reusable bags are now allowed at all Market Basket locations.

Will I be able to bring my plastic bags back to Market Basket for recycling?

Recycling bins are available at the front end for recycling single use plastic bags.

Will I be able to redeem bottles at Market Basket?

Bottle redemption centers are now open however the State has imposed a limit of 120 bottles and cans per visit.

(Click here to read our message to the Market Basket community)