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Tsougrisma Easter Game

Tsougrisma Easter Game

Kalo Pascha to all of our friends who celebrate Orthodox Easter!

These brightly colored red eggs are an important part of a Greek Easter Celebration.

The eggs are dyed with onion skins and vinegar, dying the shell bright red representing the blood of Jesus Christ. The eggs are either baked into a tsoureki, an Easter traditional bread, or used to play a fun game called Tsougrisma. 

How to Play:

Number of players: 2

Items: 1 Red egg for each player


The players must hold an egg in their hand, the point of the egg facing up. 

Tap the same end of the egg lightly against the other player's egg.

The player who successfully cracks the opponent's egg is declared the winner and will have good luck during the year!

Greek Easter Game Red Eggs