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7 Ways to Use Your Market Basket Reusable Bags

Is your closet bursting at the seams with Market Basket reusable bags? While intended to make it easier for our customers to carry their groceries back home, these bags can be used in so many other ways! From practical to fun, here are seven ways to use our reusable bags:

Insulated Market Basket bags sit on a table with chili, Market Basket sub rolls, and a football for a tailgate party1. Tailgate

Our insulated totes are the perfect way to keep your snacks warm and your drinks cold! You can also store all of your paper goods, such as utensils, napkins, and plates, in a reusable bag for easy transport to the stadium.

2. Traveling

Going on a road trip? A reusable bag makes the perfect snack holder. They’ll help keep your food and drink in one place, avoiding the dreaded rolling water bottles on the floor. Our insulated totes also help keep your chilled items nice and cold for those especially long trips!

3. As gifts

Reusable bags make great gifts! Consider using a reusable bag rather than a gift bag. Not only will your gift be secure, but the bag is a unique idea that your recipient can reuse! It’s a win-win.

A "Merry & Bright" Market Basket reusable bag sits under a Christmas tree4. Donate to a food pantry

Looking for a random act of kindness? Local food pantries are always looking for bags to distribute food in. Consider donating a few reusable bags to help! Feeling extra kind? Fill that bag up with food before you donate it!

5. Trick-or-Treating

We don’t know exactly how much Halloween candy could fit in a Market Basket reusable bag… but it’s a lot! Our reusable bags are a great way for your little ones to collect all of their spooky treats.

(They’ll look even better if you decide to dress up as a Market Basket employee!)

6. Beach

Going to the beach really only has one downfall, and that’s leaving with wet sand on everything. Seriously, it often feels like you’ll be picking sand off of your items for weeks! Instead of risking your favorite backpack, bring one of our reusable bags! They’re easy to clean and can carry all of your beach essentials. Simply throw the sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses, towels, and more into a bag and you’re off to a day of relaxation.A beach chair sits in the sand at a beach with a Market Basket reusable bag hanging from the back

7. On-the-go Bags

Reusable bags are a great way to carry just about anything! If you’re on-the-go and wishing you had another arm to carry all of your things, a sturdy reusable bag can help. From your child’s sports gear to library books, school projects to your everyday work essentials, our bags can help carry it all!

Pro tip: keep a few reusable bags in your car so you'll always have one available wherever you go!

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