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Market Basket Madness 2024

Market Basket Madness 2024

It's time for the Market Basket Madness 2024 tournament, where our top 16 items battle for the winning title! Will you cheer for your favorite drumstick ice cream, perhaps the snack favorite beef jerkey? 

Be sure to cheer them on by checking out these items at your nearest Market Basket during March Madness!

From Grocery:

  • Cholula
    • Original Hot Sauce - Packing delicious heat!
  • Buffalo Wild Wings 
    • Parmesan Garlic Sauce - Irrisistable garlicy tang!
  • Jack Links
    • Original Half Pounder Beef Jerkey - Protein rich snack!

From Frozen:

  • Mings Bings
    • Supreme Pizza - Quick and Tasty no-mess pizza
  • FarmRich
    • Mozzarella Sticks - Classic appetizer for any game day!
  • Yummy
    • Chicken Fries - Fries but Chicken! Made with Whole Grains
    • Dino Buddies Nuggets - Kids favorite! Dinosaur shaped nuggets makes meals fun!

From Meat Dept:

  • Bell & Evans
    • Cut Chicken Wings (weighed) - perfect for Wing night!
    • Cut Chicken Wings Family Size 2.5 LB. - a batch for a party!
    • Breaded Chicken Patties - Tasty chicken sandwich in a snap

From Dairy:

  • Stonyfield Organic
    • Yo Baby Yogurts Banana - No added Sweeteners! 
    • Yo Baby Yogurts Mango - Whole Milk Probiotic - make babies smile!
  • Siggi's 
    • Strawberry Banana Yogurt Pouch 4 Pack - 8 g of protein in every pouch!
    • Mixed Berries Yogurt Pouch 4 Pack - 50% less sugar than competitors!
  • Melt Organic
    • Plant Butter - Cold pressed & allergen free! Tasty plant-based butter
  • Nestle
    • Drumsticks - Party favorite ice cream drumsticks!


Market Basket Madness Brackets


Find them at your nearest Market Basket!

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