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Cough, Cold, and Flu Care Package Contest

Enter to win a Market Basket Cough, Cold, and Flu Care Package

Market Basket brand cold and flu products and sick day essentials laid out on a red blanket


The cold and flu season has been particularly tough this year! Market Basket wants to help keep you and your family healthy, which is why we are giving away six care packages filled with all of the sick day care essentials. 

Each care package includes one bag of cough drops, a box of 100% natural green tea, chunky chicken noodle soup, disinfecting wipes, pure honey, hand sanitizer, facial tissues, and two bottles of multi-symptom relief medicine. 

To enter, visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and follow the instructions outlined. Each of the networks has slightly different requirements, so be sure to read the posts thoroughly before entering! 

To view the contest terms and conditions, click here