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Don't Stress! No Mess! How To Open a Pomegranate

Don't Stress! No Mess! How To Open a Pomegranate

Fall is just not complete without pomegranates! They are delicious, juicy, and fun to look at. Packed with antioxidants and so many nutrients from Vitamin C, K, and fiber, pomegranates are a fall essential for any food lover.

Unfortunately, opening a pomegranate tends to come with frustrations. As you try to pry the skin from the seeds, the pomegranate becomes a "pome-grenade" with seeds exploding everywhere, ruining your favorite shirt, staining the kitchen counter, and resulting in an emergency trip to the store for bleach... 

It can be a messy process, but we want to help you enjoy this nutrient-rich fruit without all of the hassles. Here are a few ways to safely cut open a pomegranate:

Scoring the Sides for Easy Prying

Cut the crown portion of the pomegranate off. You'll see that the inside of the fruit is divided into sections.

Cut the Crown of the Pomegranate off

Score the outer skin down the white ridges, either partially or all the way down. Optionally, you can score the fruit horizontally along the middle of the fruit.

Score the sides of the pomegranate

Carefully, pry the new sections apart. Now it is much easier to open the pomegranate without the risk of flying seeds!

Pryed open pomegranate without the mess!

The Water Method - Keep the Juices Contained

Grab a large bowl or container and fill it with water. Cut the Pomegranate in half down the middle. While it's optional to score the sides, doing so will help split the fruit into sections easier!

Submerge the cut pomegranate into the water with the seeds facing down. Carefully, pry the fruit open. You'll notice all the juices that would have sprayed everywhere are now contained within the bowl of water. Separate the seeds from the skin underwater with your fingers. 

Opening pomegranate underwater

You'll also find that the white skin - called pith - will float to the top, while the seeds sink to the bottom. Just skim off the floating white piths and throw them out.

Separated Pomegranates in a bowl

Use a strainer to drain the water, then enjoy your freshly seeded pomegranate!

Pomegranate Ready To Eat

Whack It with a Spoon!

Cut the pomegranate in half horizontally. Place one half in the palm of your hands. Make sure to have a bowl or a container ready to catch the seeds. Take a large spoon and whack the crown/top of the pomegranate half. The seeds will fall out of the skin one by one!

Whack the pomegranate with a spoon

When in doubt, cut or place any pomegranates on a durable paper towel. It will save you from staining the cutting board or the kitchen counter!

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