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Happy Greek Easter 2024

Happy Greek Easter!

Kalo Pascha to all celebrating Greek Easter! 

Did you know that Easter in Greece is one of the biggest celebrated holidays? The celebration lasts for almost 6 weeks! First, it starts with "Triodio", or Carnival, that lasts for 3 weeks consisting of carnival costume parties, and lots of food and drinks. Next comes Kathara Deftera, which is the firstday of Lent. A big lunch is served consisting of vegan and seafood dishes. For Greek Orthodox lent, all foods are vegan until the Saturday night before Easter, save for the 3 days that fish can be eaten. 

During the Holy Week, most attend churches daily. On Holy Wednesday, grape leaves are collected for making dolmadakia during the next day. Blessed olive oil is applied onto kids foreheads, etc. Thursday is the time to dye the eggs and making Easter cookies! On Good Friday, all churches across Greece are tuned and rings the church bells all day. Saturday is when the holy flame from Jerusalem is carried in the morning all over Greece, and everyone gathers at their respective churches around 11:30 pm. At the stike of midnight, the Church bells rings with fireworks, and the celebration begins!

Fun Traditions

Cracking of the Red Eggs (Tsougrisma)

The eggs are dyed red to symbolize the red blood of Christ. Pairs are formed and each are holding on to an egg. Crack the tops of the eggs against each other - the last one standing without a cracked egg is the winner!


Breakfast and coffee is served around lambs and Kokoretsi cooked on the spit. Families, friends and loved ones gather eating and drinking, enjoying the day. 

Tsoureki - Braided sweet bread

A special bread with a cake-like texture, usually baked with a red Easter Egg into the dough as a symbol of Christ's resurrection. It is made with a blend of milk, sugar, and spices such as cinnamon and mahleb.

Featured Greek Easter Favorites at Market Basket

Aside from your lamb legs and ham, you're probably wondering what can you find at our store that would be great for celebrating Greek Easter! We've gathered some of our favorite items for this year, so that you too can enjoy the Greek Easter celebration at your home. Be sure to check them out and add them to your shopping list!

Market Basket Greek Easter Favorites


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