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Create Your Own Cannoli

Your Very Own Perfect Cannoli

Our Market Basket Bakery is full of surprises – from the varieties of eye-catching cakes and cupcakes to DIY kits of your very own favorite desserts!

Cannoli are Sicilian pastries and a very popular item in our bakeries! Did you know that cannoli is actually plural? When referring to a single pastry, Italians use the word cannolo, which means "little tube."

No matter what you call them, these treats instantly sweeten up any party or make for a great afternoon snack to enjoy after a long day. You can eat cannoli with just its sweet ricotta cheese filling, or add variety to its flavor by adding toppings to the ends!

Here are some topping ideas for you to try:

Colorful cannoli on table
  • Sliced Almonds – almonds are great for adding a crunchy texture and a slightly salty flavor!
  • Chocolate Jimmies – sprinkles add color and flare to the cannoli, making it a party favorite.
  • Crushed Candy Canes – perfect for the holidays! Crush some candy canes in a bag and either dip or sprinkle the candy on to the filling for a flavor fit for December.
  • Crushed Pistachios – a classic cannoli topping, pistachios are a great addition to your ricotta filling. Simply break apart the pistachios in a bag and dip the cannoli ends. Instant favorite!
  • Mini Chocolate Chips – There's no such thing as too sweet. Add a chocolatey flavor to the ricotta cheese filling!

This week at your local Market Basket, you can get more cannoli for your dollar! Our cannoli shells and ricotta filling are on sale – find them in our digital flyer!