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5 Halloween Treats You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

5 Halloween Treats You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

Halloween is right around the corner! Want to give your children exciting and spooky snacks to bring to school but don’t have a lot of time? Here are five quick and easy Halloween snacks that your kids (and wallet) will love!

Halloween Mummy Juice Boxes

1. Mummy Juice Boxes

With only three simple supplies, these are a fast, fun, and easy way to Halloweenify your child’s lunch. All you need are juice boxes, masking tape, and googly eyes. First, wrap the juice box entirely with masking tape. Don’t forget to remove the straw! You want to use enough tape so that the writing on the box is not visible. Then, add additional strips of masking tape at random, achieving that true mummy look. Once you’ve mummified your juice, attach the eyes using small strips of tape. Ta-da! Juice fit for your little trick-or-treater.

Jack-o-Lantern Clementines

2. Jack-o-lantern Clementines

It really doesn’t get any easier than these adorable jack-o-lantern clementines! Simply grab a black marker or non-toxic black paint and draw a scary, fun, silly, or just plain cute jack-o-lantern face on the peel of your child’s favorite orange-colored citrus. You can even get creative with some masking tape to create little fruit mummies. Voilà – instant smiles when they open their lunchbox!


Batty Peanut Butter Cups

3. Batty Peanut Butter Cups

These cute treats require only four ingredients: miniature peanut butter cups, sandwich crème cookies, edible candy eyes, and your favorite frosting to help “glue” the pieces together. Follow these simple steps to create this snack:

  • Remove the miniature peanut butter cups from their wrappers
  • Separate the cookies and remove the frosting from the inside. Break or cut each cookie in half – these will become the wings.
  • Place a small dab of frosting on the back tip of each broken cookie. You can even melt the frosting you removed from the sandwich cookies and use that as “glue” if you don’t have any other frosting on hand!
  • Gently press the cookie pieces on top of the peanut butter cups, placing one on the left and the other on the right, curved side facing up.
  • Add a dab of frosting to the back of the edible eyes and gently place them in the center of the peanut butter cup, just over the tips of the cookie wings.
  • Enjoy your mini flying treats!


Creepy Crawly PB&J Sandwich

4. Creepy Crawly PB&J

There are few things more classic than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This spin on the classic PB&J will get children of all ages excited for Halloween.

Simply cut two pieces of bread into circles, then prepare your peanut butter and jelly sandwich as you normally would. Before pressing the two sides together, slide some pretzel sticks onto the edge of the bottom slice, leaving them hanging over the sides. Press the slices together, completing your sandwich, and then top it off with some chocolate chips for the eyes. Cute and delicious, it's no surprise how quickly these treats crawl away!

Lollipop Ghosts

5. Ghost Lollipops

This old-school treat will never go out of style. These take just a few minutes to make and are perfect for both the lunchbox and the Halloween night trick-or-treat bowl! To begin, take two tissues and overlap them. Drape them over a lollipop, securing the tissues with a rubber band. Then, get as creative as you want! We chose to draw faces on our ghosts using a black marker and added a ribbon to hide the rubber band. Add googly eyes for extra fun. These ghosts are so cute, they’ll fly right out of your hands.

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Are you making fun Halloween treats this year? Share your photos with us by tagging us on Instagram or tweeting us – @MarketBasket!