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Gift-in-a-Jar Holiday Ideas: Lip Scrub

Lip Scrub


  • Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Optional: Vanilla Extract

Beauty products don’t have to break the bank! This all-natural lip scrub is fun to make and even more fun to use.

For this gift idea, you’ll need to use a small glass jar. We used a pint-sized Mason jar. Mix one tablespoon of granulated sugar and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Add coffee grounds until the scrub has a spotted consistency and coffee scent. Want to give your loved one a vanilla latté? Add a few drops of vanilla extract! The scrub is now ready to be used; simply add a small amount to your lips and gently wipe with a tissue after 30 seconds. Best part? It’s all natural and tastes almost as good as it smells!